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Fabric Care

Caring for your Fabric

Regular Cleaning

Do not allow dust to accumulate on the fabric surface. Weekly, wipe dust off with a soft, damp cloth. When furniture requires a more thorough cleansing, spot-test your fabric cleanser in the least obvious area before using it anywhere else on the furniture.

Stains and Spills

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible, and test on a hidden area to ensure fabric and colour are not damaged. Remove all excess dirt and liquid before applying a soap/detergent and water solution. Apply this with caution to avoid over-wetting, water marking or damage to the internal structure of the furniture.

Our spot cleaning advice is offered in good faith and should not be considered as a guarantee that all stains may be removed. For severe stains please consult a professional upholstery cleaning company. 

For Non Oil-Based stains

Use warm water and non-chemical soaps which do not contain optical brighteners. Mix a small amount of soap and warm water solution and apply to the stain, rubbing gently. Blot dry with a clean towel. Apply cool water (preferably rain or distilled water) and blot dry again. Then with a hair dryer working out from the centre of the stain, dry quickly to prevent rings forming. It is generally preferable to clean whole panels of fabric in this way rather than trying to spot clean specific areas. 

For Oil-Based stains

Following the same basic guidelines as above, apply a proprietary brand solvent based cleaner and try to clean generally in panels rather than spot cleaning specific areas. A helpful industry 'secret' is for spot removal of oil based biro marks by the application of a conventional hair spray.

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