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Who We Are

“Success through Service, Quality and Design ”

Commercial Furniture Makers Australia began in 1993 with the vision to combine the authenticity of classic craftsmanship with the efficiency of modern manufacturing.

In the decades since, our original vision remains unchanged. Our company is still guided by a genuine commitment to custom craftsmanship and timely service, and our style is still distinguished by a timeless spirit, with furniture that is made to order and made to last. We are proud that the vast majority is made in our workshop on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne.

We believe the most significant thing we build isn’t furniture, but trust. Nothing is more important to our organisation than the relationships we nurture with our employees, suppliers and most importantly, the consumers we serve. It’s a conviction that fuels our quest for quality, creativity, excellence and pride — and drives our commitment to listening constantly, and responding thoughtfully.

We are dedicated to our products and services, thereby we strive to create and maintain an atmosphere of equality, personal growth and success throughout our company.  It is this passion that is evidenced through the timeless and enduring quality of our furniture – a true confirmation of our sense of self-pride, and pride in superior craftsmanship.

We are excited by each new client, as we recognise the uniqueness of each new demand and the satisfaction of supplying a quality product that will inevitably provide many years of pleasure. This is central to our core value of attaining excellence in customer service, timely production and superior craftsmanship.

Congratulations on your purchase, and your journey into a world of believable comfort.

Designers and Manufacturers of high quality furniture for the Commercial, Hospitality, Health Care and Aged Care Industries.